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About Springboard UK

  • What is Springboard UK?
    Springboard UK is an online platform designed to give people like you the chance to express your opinions – and to see them in action!

    By joining Springboard you become eligible to receive invitations to take part in research on topics ranging from politics to consumer products. For each survey you take part in, your answers are collected along with those of fellow Springboard members and the results analysed by our research experts before being presented to our clients.

    We partner with organisations ranging from household brands, government bodies, not-for-profit organisations and the media who want to better understand public opinion and inform their decisions. Sometimes you'll also see our polls reported in the media, helping to shape the debate on current issues.

    As a thank you for sharing your opinions with us, you will receive Survey Cash for taking part, or an entry into a prize draw. We'll also share key insights with you via our newsletters and portal, and give you instant feedback in our quick polls.

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  • What is Vision Critical?
    Springboard UK is brought to you by Vision Critical, a well-respected research firm, with offices in London and globally.

    Our expert team of research specialists cover the full spectrum of research subjects including public opinion, health, technology, consumer goods, media and travel - a range which you will see reflected in the surveys you'll receive at Springboard. Springboard UK is run by a small and dedicated team in our ‘Panel Strategy’ unit who endeavour each day to make sure your experience as a member is a good one.

    We partner with organisations including household brands, government bodies, not-for-profit organisations and the media in order to help them better understand their customers and stakeholders – and to ensure they take the views of ordinary UK residents into account. For each survey you take part in, your answers are collected along with those of fellow Springboard members and the results analysed by our research experts before being presented to our clients or released to the media.

    Vision Critical has pioneered the use of the Internet and rich media technology to make Springboard an engaging experience for our members.

    You’ll also notice that our logo includes ‘Angus Reid Public Opinion’ which is a full-service research arm of Vision Critical that works with corporations, governments, academic researchers, and non-profit organisations to measure and better understand public opinion.

    Vision Critical was founded by Angus Reid, a leader in the market research industry with a career spanning over three decades. He previously founded the Angus Reid group which grew to one of North America's largest research enterprises before it was sold to Ipsos SA in 2000. He currently now serves as CEO of Vision Critical.

    If you’d like to find out more about Vision Critical and our services, you are also welcome to visit our company’s website at

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  • Who else is part of Springboard UK?
    Springboard UK aims to reflect the UK population in all its diversity and we recruit new members all over the country - from rural towns to major urban centres. Our members are ordinary people who recognise that they don't have to be in the boardroom, or on Whitehall to influence the decisions being made there. By sharing their opinions about the issues that affect their daily lives through our research, they can see those opinions in action.

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  • What are the benefits of being a member of Springboard UK?
    Your views will influence decision-makers whether they are developing public policy or molding new products and services. Your voice will be heard in the media as they report on the changing values and preferences of the UK public.

    Not only will you be privy to information about emerging trends and products before they are released, we will feed back to you highlights on our research through our newsletters and member portal.

    Moreover, as a ‘thank you’ for each survey that you take, you will be rewarded with Survey Cash or entries into prize draws to win gift certificates, products, or cash. Once you reach 25 Survey Cash, you’ll be able to redeem them for a £25 Amazon gift e-card, a £25 cheque, a £25 deposit into your PayPal account or a £25 donation to a UK charitable organization.

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  • Where can I find the results of your surveys?
    Each month we’ll provide links to some of the month’s top stories in our NewsFlash newsletter and through regular updates in our members' portal. To access these and to find past NewsFlash, login to the member portal at

    To read a more in-depth report of the public affairs polling we conduct, visit the Angus Reid Global Monitor (brought to you by the Angus Reid Public Opinion practice of Vision Critical) which reviews research on current affairs worldwide.

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  • Who uses the results of Springboard surveys? What are the results used for?
    Vision Critical was commissioned to design and oversee research to help our clients learn more about the values, attitudes, tastes and preferences of consumers and citizens. Our clients come from the private and public sectors including the media, government bodies, not-for-profit groups, and private companies.

    The research we conduct on Springboard UK is used by many of these organisations to inform their decision-making, whether to develop policies, create a new product to meet the needs of the consumer, or shed light on the attitudes of the country as a whole to major issues of the day.

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  • How do I join Springboard UK?
    To become a member of Springboard UK, click on the "Join" button at and complete the short Profile Survey. You will then be sent a confirmation link via email to the address you supply to confirm your membership.

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About My Membership

  • So how does it work?
    To join the panel you will be asked to complete a short Member Survey and then confirm your membership through an email.

    Once you are a member, you will be invited to surveys by email. Each survey invitation will contain a unique link which you click on, or paste into your browser’s address bar, to access the survey.

    Each invitation will state how much Survey Cash is available if you qualify and complete the survey by the date specified. Survey Cash earned by completing surveys will be added to your account once the survey is closed.

    You can log into the panel portal at any time: to check your Survey Cash balance. Once you reach 25 Survey Cash you will be able to redeem for a £25 cheque or a £25 donation to a UK charitable organization.

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  • What are the requirements to join Springboard UK?
    Springboard UK members should be willing to be part of an online research panel composed of other UK residents and be interested in providing their views via surveys and other research activities.

    You must also be:
    • A UK resident
    • 16 years of age or older
    • Not working in market research or related industries
    We also require that our members take part in at least one survey per quarter (three months).

    There are also some technical requirements. You will need regular access to the Internet, whether at home or elsewhere, since our surveys take place online. You will also need an email address, which you check fairly often, and that is used only by you. (Surveys invitations sent to that email should only be accessed by the person that initially fills in the profile questionnaire, and not by a spouse or other household member. Other household members are welcome to join using their own, separate email accounts.)

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  • What information is required for me to become a panel member?
    A brief member profile is the only information required for joining the panel. Your member profile will include your basic contact information as well as some questions about you and your household in order to better understand you, and to make sure we have a broad spread of the UK population on our panel e.g. gender, household income and education.

    Once you are a member, from time to time, we may ask for more profiling information which will enable us to invite you to more surveys and to ensure they are relevant to you, or to qualify you for other special activities such as focus groups.

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  • What will the profile information you collect from me be used for?
    There are a number of reasons why Springboard UK asks you to complete a profile when you join the panel.

    Firstly, it allows us to invite you to surveys that are relevant to you – for example, based on where you live, your age, your interests, etc. Secondly, it provides us with the information we need to aggregate our research results for analysis purposes, for example by male and female respondents, without having to ask you these same questions in every survey. The contact information you provide also allows us to contact you should you be the lucky winner of a prize draw.

    All personal data we collect and all answers you provide to our surveys remain fully confidential. Our research clients receive results in aggregate form (i.e. 30% people thought X). Your personal details are never passed on to the client. You will never receive spam or other unsolicited contact as a result of being part of the Springboard UK. See our Privacy Policy for full details.

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  • Will my profile information be sold to other companies?
    No. Your personal details will never be sold or distributed to third parties. All personal data we collect in your profile, and in the answers you provide to our surveys, remain strictly confidential and your privacy is guaranteed. Your personal details will never be sold, exchanged, or distributed to any other party without your express acknowledgement. See our Privacy Policy for full details.

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  • Can I update my email address / password?
    Yes - once you are logged into the Member Portal at, click on 'Update My Profile' in the left hand menu to update you email or password information.

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  • Can I update my profile?
    Yes - once you are logged into the Member Portal at, click on 'Update My Profile' in the left hand menu.

    Here you can change your login information such as your email or password, or update your profile with more significant changes e.g if you move areas, get married or take a new job. We encourage you to do this regularly to ensure that we invite you to surveys that are the most relevant to you.

    Please note that when you redeem Survey Cash you will be asked to provide your full, up-to-date, contact information so that we can send you your cheque.

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  • How many surveys will I be asked to complete?
    Your participation in all our surveys is completely voluntary - however we do encourage you to take part in all the surveys to which you are invited. Typically you will be invited to between 1 and 4 surveys each month.

    In order to be considered an active member of the Springboard UK Panel, we ask that you participate in at least one survey per quarter (three months). If you are not able to do this, we will contact you to determine whether or not you wish to remain a member.

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  • How long will I remain on the panel?
    You may remain on the panel as long as you choose to (subject to the minimum activity levels mentioned above).

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  • What is Survey Cash and how to I redeem them?
    Survey Cash work much like other points accumulation schemes in which you collect them over time and then redeem them once you reach a certain level.

    Most of our surveys award between 25p and £2.00 if you qualify and complete them. We'll always let you know in the survey invitation how much you'll receive for completing it, or if there is a prize draw. The amount is generally based on what's involved in taking the survey - for example, if it is longer in length, or more complex, we'll usually award a little more.

    When you reach 25 Survey Cash in your virtual account you can redeem them for a £25 Amazon gift e-card, a personal cheque for £25, a deposit of £25 into your PayPal account, or a £25 donation to a UK charitable organization. You can view your current balance of Survey Cash as well as your Participation History via the Springboard Portal, once you are logged in as a Member.

    For more details about 'Survey Cash' please see the Rules & Regulations applicable to your participation in the Springboard UK Panel. Click here for full Terms and Conditions

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  • Is there a discussion forum that I can join?
    Springboard UK sometimes hosts 'Communities' or small discussion forums online in which we will invite members to participate. Often these will be on a particular topic or theme. As with our surveys, we will always send you an invitation email letting you know what would be involved and any incentive being paid out for taking part.

    Any live Communities to which you are invited will be listed once you are logged into the Members Portal.

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About the surveys

  • How do I complete a survey?
    You will be invited to surveys by email. Each survey invitation email will contain a unique link which you can click on, or paste into your browser’s address bar, to access the survey.

    Once you reach the survey, simply click to provide the answers to the questions on each page. Once you complete the survey, your Survey Cash will be added to your account.

    You can also access links to active surveys by logging in to your Member Page. To visit this page, go to and enter your login and password.

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  • How long do surveys remain open for?
    We always try to provide as long as we can for members to answer our surveys, but sometimes we only have a short timeframe in which to collect as many answers as we need. We will always state in the email if there is a specified close date for the survey.

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  • Why are some surveys only open for a short time?
    We always try to provide as long as we can for members to answer our surveys. However sometimes we need to gather people’s opinions quite quickly – for example, when we are asking about a current issue where events may change quickly, or sometimes when our clients need to get a speedy ‘snapshot’ of public opinion.

    We will always try to state in email invitations when a survey will only be open for a short period so that you know to respond quickly, and where we do specify a study closure date we will not close the survey before the given date.

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  • Why do you ask specific questions about me (e.g. employment status, education)?
    The information we gather, including questions about employment status, education, income, ethnicity or race, helps us make sure we have a broad spread of the UK population on our panel. It also helps us to select you for studies that match your profile.

    All information provided by panel members is kept strictly confidential and used only for legitimate research purposes, and therefore, it is not illegal for us to collect this information. Some of the information we collect also allows us to analyze results by subgroups. Where possible, we may sometimes provide an option to select “prefer not to say”.

    To ensure your total privacy, your answers are grouped together with other members who completed the same survey and the results are only viewed in aggregate, so we never look at personal results or information.

    You may refer to our Privacy Policy here for full details: Privacy Policy

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  • Will I be able to select the types of surveys in which I participate?
    We try to match the surveys we send you to what you have told us in your profiling information to ensure you only receive relevant surveys. You can also, of course, opt not to complete any particular survey.

    However, our surveys do cover a variety of topics, some of which will interest you more than others. We encourage you to participate in a wide selection of these because is just as important for us to collect the views of someone less interested in something as it is for us to gather the views of an enthusiast.

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  • What are Partner Surveys?
    From time to time, Springboard UK members are invited to participate in surveys conducted by one of our ‘Trusted Partners’ – a client who we’ve established a trusted working relationship with. Springboard UK members may be selected for these partner surveys based on meeting the criteria required for the survey. Our members are then directed to a separate site to complete the partner survey. Once completed, you will be redirected back to Springboard UK with the opportunity to provide feedback and comments. Our partner only gets access to the survey responses and basic demographic information such as age & gender. They do not get any information about the survey participants – no names, no email address or any other personally identifiable information is passed to the partner. They simply get your survey responses.

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  • Can I get invited to surveys more often, or surveys which pay more?
    The types of surveys and how many you receive depends on our research requirements and how these fit with what we know about you. There is also an element of random selection in determining who receives the survey. Our goal is to only send you surveys that are relevant to you.

    As we run more research on Springboard UK, you should see the number of surveys you are invited to increase.

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  • How do you decide what to pay for each survey?
    We try to ensure that the amount we pay for each survey is appropriate given factors such as survey length or complexity.

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Other membership & technical issues

  • I am not receiving any survey invitations – why is this?
    After a survey is launched you will receive an email invitation with instructions on accessing the survey. If you are not receiving any invitations it may be worth checking that they are not being diverted into your ‘spam’ email folder. To ensure this does not happen, please add to your ‘safe list’.

    All live surveys to which you are invited are also available in the member portal: login at and look under the “Take Part” heading.

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  • I logged into the Member Page, but there are no open studies.
    When there are active surveys for you to participate in you will be contacted by email. A listing of all active surveys that you have been invited to complete is also available on the Member Page under the header “Take Part”. If there are no surveys there, this is because you have already completed them and there are no active surveys currently available.

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  • I received an invitation, but when I click on the link all I can see is the Springboard UK header.
    You may need to update to the latest version of Flash player. Even though you may already have the plug-in on your computer, it is recommended to keep the player up to date to improve performance and stability. You can download them by clicking on the appropriate link below:

    For PCs:

    For MACs:

    Also, please note that these pages may take longer to load than a standard static page if you are on a dial-up connection.

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  • I’ve forgotten my password
    If you cannot remember your password, simply enter your email address in the member login box at and click on the “Reset my password?” button. This will automate an email to be sent to you with a temporary password.

    Please note that each time you click on “Reset my password”, a temporary password will be sent to you and it may take a few minutes to receive it.

    Once you receive your temporary password, you can login to the Member Portal using your temporary password and your email address. When logging in, make sure you don’t enter any unnecessary spaces before or after your e-mail address or password as the system reads blank spaces as extra characters. The password is also case sensitive.

    To change your login information, click on 'Update my Profile' in the left hand menu.

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  • How do I unsubscribe?
    You can either click on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any communication sent by the Springboard UK or send us an email at

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  • How do I get your emails to come to my inbox and not my junkmail?
    You can ensure the receipt of emails to your inbox by putting us on your "safe list". Here's how:

    Yahoo! Mail
    There are two options for to help ensure you receive our emails and survey invites.

    Bulk or Spam Mail folder (does not guarantee delivery, but will help)

    • Check your Yahoo! Bulk mail or Spam folder.
    • Click on the email from Springboard America and click the button marked 'Not Spam'.
    • The email will move into your Inbox.

    Create a mail filter (guarantees delivery)

    • Click on 'Options' in the top right
    • Choose 'Mail Options'
    • Locate and choose 'Filters'
    • Click 'Add'
    • Name the filter 'Springboard'
    • Beside 'From header', select 'contains' and type 'Springboard' in the text box.
    • Beside 'Move the message to', select Inbox.

    Hotmail, Windows Live or MSN
    There are two options for to help ensure you receive our emails and survey invites.

    Junk Folder

    • In the left hand menu, select 'Junk'
    • Select the email from Springboard America
    • Inside the email message, there will be an exclamation mark and a message saying 'You may not know this sender.'
    • Beside this, click the link 'Mark as safe'.
    • The email will move into your Inbox.
    Add Springboard America to your "safe list"

    • In the top right corner, Click 'Options'
    • Click 'More Options'
    • Under 'Junk e-mail', Click 'Safe and blocked senders'
    • Click 'Safe Senders'
    • Enter '' in the text box, under 'Sender or domain to mark as safe'.
    • Click 'Add to list'

    To make sure email gets delivered to your AOL inbox, you must add our email or domain to your Address Book or Custom Sender List.

    • Click the 'Spam Controls' link on the lower right side of your inbox screen.
    • When the 'Mail & Spam Controls' box appears, click the "Custom sender list" link.
    • Choose the 'allow email from' option.
    • Type '' as the address you would like to receive emails from and Click 'Add'.
    • Click 'Save'.

    To make sure email gets delivered to your inbox, you must add our email address to your contacts list.

    Add to Contacts

    • Click Contacts along the left hand side of any page.
    • Click the New Contact button in the top left corner of the Contact Manager.
    • Enter '' into the email field.
    • Click Save to add your contact.
    Check your spam folder

    • Click Spam along the left hand side of any page.
    • Click on an email from 'Springboard America'
    • Select the button, above the email message, marked 'Not spam'.

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